So, after getting upset because Axie halved the adventure rewards from 100 SLP to 50 SLP, and the daily quest rewards from 50 to 25 SLP, I can do this in 5 minutes per day,so I am fully focusing on Splinterlands, having made more that $2000 in the last two weeks from both gaming and airdrop, and I was looking for some extra profits with minimum activity. After I checked the odds of different games, I decided to check Cryptoblades, one of those highly promoted games on Binance Smart Chain. They are using their own token called Skill , and…

I have just discovered the Hive ecosystem and i am learning about it. I may post something of my experiences as a beginner soon.

You can find me and my…

On my last blog post I was talking about the tests needed to detect it early. Once we know that we are prone to some subtype of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), what can we do to succesfully delay it (or even keep it at bay, if we are really lucky, genetically and otherwise).

There are five causes that are usually related to early cognitive decline for every one of us, and we can deal with them optimizing our mental health adequatelly:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Inflammation and infections
  • toxins (can be biological, chemical or physical)
  • hormonal balance, nutrients for the brain and trophic…

I realised that all the tests where mentioned across few posts, sa maybe it will be easier if there is a list of them, with the normal values:

Genetics — ApoE -Ideally negative for ApoE4

Blood tests:

Inflammation AD (Alzheimer’s disease)

-homocysteine — under 7

-vitamin B (B6 60–100, B12 500–1500, Folate 10–25)

-vitamin C 1.3–2.5

-vitamin D 50–80

-vitamin E 12–20

-Omega3:Omega 6 ratio 0.5–3.0

-A/G ratio (albumin/globulin) -more than 1.8/ albumin more than 4.5

-fasting insulin — less than 4.5 (fasting glucose 70–90)

-A1c — less than 5.6

-BMI (body mass index) — 18–25

-LDL-p 700–1000

-cholesterol —…

We already talked about the gut-brain connection and how this will influence cognition. Statistically speaking, even if only 6% of the people will develop coeliac disease (severe gluten intolerance in layman terms), many of us will damage somehow our gastrointestinal tract at some moment in our life (see this book and this book for more information). Gluten sensitivity can lead to leaky gut, which in turn can trigger chronic inflammation leading to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). There is a standard blood test to determine your gluten sensitivity, called tissue transglutaminase antibodies assesment in the serum, and obviously needs to be negative…

When the brain of patients with Alzheimer’s disease was analysed, there was an entire list of disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi, and while they were not enough to indicate encefalitis or meningitis, the low levels of pathogens will slowly wear down your defences, making your brain to function suboptimally. It was not really like an all-out war, but more like a sabotage. These findings are both surprising and concerning, as previous it was hypothetised that Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is not infectious.

Oral bacteria have been found repeatedly in the brain of people suffering with AD , as some of their…

In the latest years the scientific research community turned towards the gut microbiota endless possibilities to improve our health. We are becoming more aware of this every month passing by (you can find more in-depth information related to the gut intestinal flora in my own book treating this subject).

So, the leaky gut was just recognized lately as a medical problem, and it is noticed quite often in our patients, contributing to increased inflammation and other various conditions. Just think about this! Many of us will do everything possible to secure our house, to ensure that everything is locked, roof…

There are two important allies in the fight preventing Alzheimer’s disease (AD). I am talking about the vitamin E and the vitamin B1.

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, it is closely linked with the memory formation, which as you guessed, is one of the main problems in Alzheimer. When is defficient, due to alcohol abuse or malnutrition-associated memory loss, has the fancy name of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. What you need to know is that there are foods containing thiamine-degrading enzimes (drinks like alcohol, tea and coffee, and some types of raw fish). Normal levels of thiamine are good for healthy…

Alzheimer’s disease and the danger of lipids (i mean bad cholesterol, you know that)

Motto: “The idea is to die young as late as possible.” ― Ashley Montagu

This is a new ideology in the longevity research, and they are reffering at this as healthspan, as opposed to the idea of lifespan, that was used before. You need to aim to be healthier for as long as possible, not to live longer. As per the motto used for today post. Avoiding Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of demetia should be one of our main priority. Let’s continue our journey then.

Testing for cholesterol is not a surefire diagnosis, as there can be people with…

Sleep apnoea is quite common, most of the cases are not identified (we are talking of 75% of the cases that are never diagnosed), and it is one of the factors contributing to the cognitive decline. The sleep apnoea is happening when your breathing will halt completelly for a short period of time, almost waking you up, and stopping you for reaching the deep sleep, the maximum regenerative time of our sleep. If you are snoring, you are old, overweight or have a short neck, then probably you have sleep apnoea. If you are chronically tired during your waking time…

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