What is Berminal? The name is a mix of two words (Blockchain and Terminal), and is trying to be an impartial, decentralized cryptocurrency and blockchain information app. Berminal ICO went online on 21.07.18 and just finished two days ago on 30.09.18. Initially starting as a mobile solution for all the news about cryptocurrency, slowly evolved into a real time cryptocurrency price and news alert service. The BERM protocol is using blockchain to build a honest, unbiased information feed. We got the Protocol Layer, where users got paid to vote for delegates that are producing the most value with the least bias, and the Application Layer, to give to the developers the possibility to build their own apps on top of the protocol and monetize it (similar with building a DEX on 0x protocol).

Here is the initial screen view, as you can see it on your mobile.

Opening screen

In the left upper corner we have an icon for the language selection, with 11 languages at this moment, at the top we can also see the news, divided by the featured and the regulation screens. On some featured news you have a quiz added, answering to it correctly will reward you with 2 BERM. Each news has a time and a date, a Bull/Bear voting option and a Share button. You can click on each news title to see the whole text.

As we scroll down, we can see our selected cryptocurrency watch list, with the top performers list coming right after (real-time also).

Watch list — in real time
Top performers — also in real time

At the bottom we have 4 icons: Home, which we already discussed about, Market, Rewards and Me tab.

The Market tab is offering two options, first being the Portfolio, where we can see the balance of their own coin called Berminal (BERM) with a fixed value of 0.05$ (whatever you gain playing the Rewards tasks), followed by your watch list (you can select each coin to see a graph of the last day, week, month or 3 months, 1 year, 5 years, and long-short ration for Binance and Bitfinex). The second tab is containing all the coins, with the same utilities as in your watch list.

Your watch list
The coin list

When you select one coin, you can also see the latest news related to that specific coin.

Selected coin

Next is the My Rewards tab, showing the amount of BERM earned and two daily task options. First is the Vote Reward, where you can vote 10 times every day for 1 BERM reward for each vote. The second task is a game called Crypto Psychic, where you can predict the BTC price and win BERM from a daily pool if you are part of the top 50% players predicting the price that day. The submission window is usually opening at 1:00 AM and it is closing at 5:00 PM. The winning price is revealed daily.

The daily tasks

The last tab is the Me one, where you can find information about your account, your name, you have a Redeem Tokens option and your Invite code (by the way, mine is 75c5e59a , if you make download the app and you are kind enough to use it). There is also a Join Telegram link, a Support link and a shortcut to Frequently Asked Questions. And at last, you can see your login/logout option.

(The version reviewed here is V1.7.2.)

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