BizShake ICO review

  • SmartRent -allow users to rent assets for a certain period of time to other users for a predetermined fee;
  • SmartPawn -allow users to receive a short term loan from another users, the loan will be backed by the transfer of the assets;
  • SmartDispute -a decentralized dispute system that is based of peer control. Full scale implementation of a complete P2P sharing economy, as users help each other to judge and settle disputes;
  • SmartCertify -an innovative blockchain concept called non-fungible tokens and affiliation program to involve certified users to reduce face or broken objects of high value assets;
  • SmartIdentify -implementation of a specific algorithm to calculate user’s profile, ID, level of credibility using data from Bizshake dApps and external sources (government data, insurance and financial institutions). The credibility level can be shared with other Bizshake partners dApps under user consensus;
  • SmartAPI -will provide other business owners with the possibility to implement more applications based on Bizshake logic and algorithms, for their specific vertical markets, asset classes and languages, to bring more value to community.
  • 50% team, G&A, R&D
  • 25% marketing
  • 15% business development
  • 5% legal
  • 5% other emergencies.
  • 5% advisers
  • 15% founders
  • 30% reserve
  • 50% sold at ICO.
  • Q4 2017 -idea conception, team build-up, blockchain platform evaluation, test of STO smart contract;
  • Q1 2018 -social network presence, website and White paper release, company in corporation;
  • Q2 2018 -SmartPawn alpha release, Smart dispute release, SmartRent alpha release;
  • Q3 2018 -SmartAPI alpha release, SmartCertify alpha release, STO start, STO smart contract deployed;
  • Q4 2018 -SmartPawn beta release, SmartDispute beta release, SmartRent beta release;
  • Q1 2019 -SmartCertify beta release, Smart Dispute beta release, SmartRent and SmartDispute go live;
  • Q2 2019 -SmartCertify business partnerships release, Customer service team hire;
  • Q3 2019 -SmartAPI go live, SmartPawn go live;
  • Q4 2019 -SmartCertify go live, SmartIdentity beta release.



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Mihalache Catalin (aspiring polymath)

Mihalache Catalin (aspiring polymath)

All my books are self-published on Amazon. I have written all my life, mostly poetry and short fiction. I care about me. I care about others. I care as a job.