Alzheimer’s disease early detection — complete list of tests

I realised that all the tests where mentioned across few posts, sa maybe it will be easier if there is a list of them, with the normal values:

Genetics — ApoE -Ideally negative for ApoE4

Blood tests:

Inflammation AD (Alzheimer’s disease)

-homocysteine — under 7

-vitamin B (B6 60–100, B12 500–1500, Folate 10–25)

-vitamin C 1.3–2.5

-vitamin D 50–80

-vitamin E 12–20

-Omega3:Omega 6 ratio 0.5–3.0

-A/G ratio (albumin/globulin) -more than 1.8/ albumin more than 4.5

-fasting insulin — less than 4.5 (fasting glucose 70–90)

-A1c — less than 5.6

-BMI (body mass index) — 18–25

-LDL-p 700–1000

-cholesterol — more than 150

-HDL more than 50

-triglycerides — under 150

-glutathione 5–5.5

-RBC thiamine — 100–150

-Leaky gut, leaky blood-brain barrier, gluten sensitivity — negative

Trophic support AD

-vitamin D -50–80

-estradiol (E2) — 50–250

-progesterone -1–20

-pregnenolone -50–100

-cortison 10–18

-DHEA sulphate 350–430 women, 400–500 men

-testosterone 500–1000, free testosterone 6.5–15 free

-free T3 3.2–4.2, free T4 1.3–1.8, reverse T3 less than 20, TSH less than 2

Toxin related AD

-mercury less than 5, lead less than 2, arsenic less than 7, cadmium less than 2.5

-copper/zinc ratio 0.8–1.2

-C4a less than 2830, MSH 35–81

-RBC magnesium 5.2–6.5

-copper 90–110, zinc 90–110

-selenium 110–150

-potassium 4.5–5.5

-calcium 8.5–10.5

Microbiome — gut/oral/nasal — no pathogens

I hope this helps. You just read my previous posts to see if you are at risk and which way you need to improve.


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