Alzheimer’s disease and what we can do to delay it succesfully

On my last blog post I was talking about the tests needed to detect it early. Once we know that we are prone to some subtype of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), what can we do to succesfully delay it (or even keep it at bay, if we are really lucky, genetically and otherwise).

There are five causes that are usually related to early cognitive decline for every one of us, and we can deal with them optimizing our mental health adequatelly:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Inflammation and infections
  • toxins (can be biological, chemical or physical)
  • hormonal balance, nutrients for the brain and trophic factor enhancing
  • restoration and protection of synapses (even for lost of dysfunctional ones).

Diet: A Keto-diet can greatly improve in relation with inflammation. This is a good video explaining the dangers of this diet and the benefits of this kind of diet.

Exercise: You will need to make an effort in here, with 5–6 times a week, aerobic and strenght, for 30–50 minutes.

Stress reduction: Meditation, yoga postures and pranayama exercices can greatly help with this issue.

Brain training: 30 minutes 3 times a week or 15 minutes for 6 times a week.

Supplements that help preventing or delaying AD:

-MCT oil 1–3 g daily

-Curcumin or turmeric 1 g twice daily

-Ashwaganda 500 mg twice per day

-Bacopa monieri 250–500 mg twice per day

-Gotu kola 500 mg 1–2 times per day

-There are other Ayurvedic remedies indicated for this, without enough research done at the moment: Rhodiola, Hericium, Shankhpushpi, Triphala, Guduchi, Guggul and few more.

-Magnesium threonate 2 g per day (in the evening, can have sedative effect, not before driving or using heavy machinery)

-Ubiquinol 100 mg

-PQQ 10–20 mg

-Resveratrol 100 mg

-Nicotinamide riboside 100mg

-Omega3: DHA 1 g, EPA 0.5–1 g

-Liposomal glutathione 250 mg 2 times per day

-Enough vitamin D and K (D level targer of 50–80)

-Probiotics and prebiotics (read here and here)

-Mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E desired level 12–20)

-Detoxification protocols if heavy metals or biotoxins are present

-Specific antibiotic treatment if infection is present

-Discontinue or minimize medication interfering with cognitive function if possible.

Note: All the supplements are preferable to be from natural sources (fruits, veggies, dairy etc) as they are better absorbed than the farmaceutical products. You may need at least 6 months of dedicated effort to undue what you probably done wrong for your entire life. You don’t need to do or use all of them, but test and adopt the habits that help you the most and implement them in your daily routine.

Live long and and prosper!


All my books are self-published on Amazon. I have written all my life, mostly poetry and short fiction. I care about me. I care about others. I care as a job.

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